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Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant

The Birth of My Entrepreneurial Spirit

I began around 2002 – 2004.  In this time, I built four websites.  The sites’ purposes rallied around graphic design services, gaming news updates, and community message boards.  I also had a personal website I micro-blogged on for a short time.

I learned the foundation of community-building and service-providing, and it began my dive into marketing – specifically digital marketing.  For 12 years old, I’d say I had a good head start.

In reality, my passion for entrepreneurship began long before I even realized what it was all about.  Now, I couldn’t see any other way.

Primal Digital Marketing

Today, I run Primal Digital Marketing, helping clients generate demand and automate their marketing.  Strategy focused on a return-on-investment is key!



That’s a super short briefing on my history.  Thanks for reading!

Now, let’s get started on my articles!

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