Success Rituals

How Small, Consistent Actions Leads To Big, Pivotal Gains

Real Examples of Success Rituals

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Devani Anjali Alderson

CEO & Founder of Marketing 4 Traffic

“My morning consists of a 20 minute meditation, writing in The Five Minute Journal (a gratitude journal), making coffee, journaling/free-writing, and affirmations of daily goals. In the evening, I write in my Five Minute Journal’s evening section, journal about lessons learned that day, write goals and tasks for the next day, share with my family, and spend time reading.”

John Robinson

Martial Arts Trainer and Coach

“Up at 3.30 a.m. Hit snooze. Up at 3.39 a.m. Brush teeth. Wash face. Drive to work with the loudest metal playing. Drink a coffee. The day progresses from there.”

Charles Michael Jones

ESL Teacher in Thailand

“Wake at 6 a.m. and say “good morning, beautiful” to my fiancée. I then get hot water going for coffee and prepare the toast. At the same time, I take a quick rinse, shave and get dressed. I have my coffee, toast and yoghurt together with my fiancée. Off to work by seven with an “enjoy your day”.

Alex Tatem

Entrepreneur from San Francisco, California

“Daily, I meditate, write down everything I want to accomplish that day in a check box format in the morning, and make sure my goals and things I need to know are in front of me at all times.”

Ryan Ferrer

Entrepreneur from Philippines

“Daily, I spend time visualizing the big picture of what I want to achieve; specifically in areas of health, wealth and relationships. At the end of each session I also think about what to be thankful for. First set of tasks include what will create the most impact to me and my clients – which was planned the day before.”

Shayne Mott

Entrepreneur/Digital Marketer from New Brunswick, Canada

“My morning ritual starts the night before with reading “when I wake up in the morning I feel energized and excited to take on the day and swing out of bed excited for all of the opportunities in store”. I wake up at 7 a.m. and jump out of bed. I create a healthy breakfast, then exercise for 30 minutes, followed by a shower. At this point, it is about 8 a.m. and the most critical actions for progressing my business begin. I always feel great getting started.”

Chirag Kulkarni

Co-Founder and CEO of Insightfully

“In the morning, I do an hour of meditation and review my gratitude board. I also crank out emails with some oatmeal. In the evening, I meditate for 30 minutes, read for a half hour, and work on my blog.”

Ryan Smitas

Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada

“I have a special ritual for before a speech, presentation, meeting, engagement, coaching session, or call. It includes four parts. First, a 5-15 minute meditation. Then, radical movements of my body like jumping or screaming to prime and condition my emotional state to on of a higher energy. I follow this with empowering questions about my desired outcome, happiness, and state of being. Finally, I use incantations or affirmations to bring myself to a strong, positive mental state.”

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