Branding for Professional
MMA Fighters

Anatomy of a Professional MMA Fighter’s Website

Social Media Connection

Social media drives all businesses today. The fight business is no different. We see how a large following can lead to more business opportunities, greater media exposure, and even a higher fight purse. Make it easy to be found on any social network.

Online Shop

Merchandise is a way for your fans to show their love and support. A simple online shop can be both another revenue stream and a brand building effort in one.


Fighters need sponsors to help them continue growing professionally. Use this as an opportunity to show love to current sponsors and attract new sponsors with a place online catered to starting the relationship between them and you.

Record & Accomplishments

What’s your record? What stats show your prowess in the cage? What key accomplishments have lead you to where you are today? Share the steps you took to get where you are today at a glance.

Newsletter Opt-In

The opportunity to directly email fans and followers is a chance to share anything you would like: new products in your store, details on your upcoming fight, your latest training session.

Tell Your Story

Every fighter has a story. With the right format for your story, you can share your background and where you are headed in the world of Mixed Martial Arts so your fans have something to get behind.

Photo & Video

Show your fans and media what you accomplish in the cage with photos and videos of your fights with your site acting as a central hub for all media related to you.


An opportunity for contact with key influencers to your career aside from the matchmakers and people you already know. Sponsorship, Business Opportunities, Media & Press, Seminars, Appearances, and Fan Requests have a home on your website.

Our Latest Work

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David Bradley

David Bradley

MMA Fighter Branding Strategist

Meet David

David has been a long-time fan and participant of MMA, but also became involved working in the industry starting with CES MMA from their first show ever in 2010.

Outside of his work in MMA, David runs a marketing agency and consulting firm, Bbg, Inc. He authored a book on digital marketing and regularly speaks to small business owners on how they can intelligently build their brand online.

Today, David looks to continue his work in the Mixed Martial Arts industry by working with Pro MMA Fighters to develop their brand online. This primarily involves developing a website, but may also extend to advisory on sponsorships and social media best practices for fighters.

Would you like help developing your brand as a fighter?