Okay, I’ll play along.  Maybe you have all this stuff figured out?

Well, why don’t you go through this quiz below and see how you score.  This will help us see where you are with your digital marketing strategy today and help focus on where to improve.

1. Do you have a digital marketing strategy? (A detailed plan, written out?)
2. Do you track analytics, goals, and key performance indicators?
3. Do you speak to a general audience (opposed to a specific, ideal customer)?
4. Do you have a digital sales funnel clearly defined and in use?
5. Do you periodically review your digital strategy to improve it?
6. Are you happy with your budgeting for your digital marketing?
7. Do you have a clear, strong position in your market?  Do your customers know why you are different?

When you click "What's My Score?" below, we'll calculate your results and show you where your strategy lands compared to others!

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