To support your lifelong learning, I wanted to share my favorite resources with you!

Blogs and Newsletters:

Life-Long Learner – Scott Britton’s website.
Scott offered an awesome business development course I took in summer 2013.  Between that course, his Udemy courses on Sleep Hacking and Gmail Productivity, and his blog posts, Scott has contributed a lot to my growth thus far!

Business Insider’s Instant MBA Newsletter
By far the most useful 3 paragraphs of text I read each day.  It is essentially the most useful snippets of great articles with advice from business leaders.  It’s a quick shot of inspiration and creativity each day!

The Blog of Tim Ferriss
You should at least know of Tim Ferriss if you are interested in entrepreneurship.  He’s a pioneer, put simply.  If you somehow didn’t read The 4-Hour Workweek book yet, do it now!

The Next Web
The best news service for international technology, business, and culture I have found so far.  It gives me just the right amount of top-quality information I need.

Lifehacker has grown quite a bit thanks to social media and culture changes.  I limit my exposure to random visits, or else you can get lost in all of the articles.  The tips and tricks are usually awesome though!
For a major publication, Entrepreneur is a pretty solid resource.  If you weed through the content you can find some great, quick reads.  The website has a tons of resources too, especially for brick-and-mortar startups.