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Digital Marketing

Marketing & Sales Funnel Consulting

Figure out who your best, most profitable customers are.

As your Marketing and Sales Funnel Consultant, I will help you:

  • Identify your best, most profitable customers
  • Refine your messaging with a clear and compelling value proposition
  • Develop smart funnels that deliver you more customers with less effort


Getting Digital Marketing Right Book

You’re exhausted, tired, and burdened by the chaos that is “digital marketing”. You have business growth goals to meet over the next 12 months. You already tried some marketing tactics and met with different consultants, agencies, and potential hires. Still, there’s still no clear answer…

How can you maximize your return and meet your business goals, all while on a limited budget? If we had a corporate level, multimillion dollar budget, this might be easy. But, we aren’t in that position.

Discover The Key to Business Growth, Goal Attainment, and Powerful Marketing

It takes just two things…

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Getting Digital Marketing Right Course

More of a visual learner? The course version of Getting Digital Marketing Right may be for you!

It comes with some special bonuses:

  • Digital Sales Funnel Template
    • Outline your activities throughout your funnel
  • An Ideal Customer Profile Template
    • Define exactly who your best customers are and how to communicate with them
  • The Getting Digital Marketing Right Official Workbook
    • So you can start taking action today
  • 57 Headline Formulas
    • Ready to use in your marketing and advertising

See the course on Udemy here.

Business Strategy


1-Page Growth Strategy

Strategic planning can be sickening.

It can take days or weeks to get it done. In the end, you have a pile of documents that no one wants to look at until next year’s strategic planning session. Awful.

Especially when strategic planning can be so vital to the success of a growing company.

That’s why we developed a program so in just one hour you can develop your growth strategy.

And, that strategy, including the vision, mission, values, measures of success, and priorities, can all fit on a single page.

Business Model Canvas

Do you have an idea of what your complete business model looks like? How do you expect to innovate and improve if you can’t see the big picture?

The Business Model Canvas allows us to do just that. It incorporates all elements of your business – customers, marketing, revenue-generation, partnerships, and so on – and places it into one, visual diagram.

The result is the ability to not only identify all key pieces of your business, but to also be able to identify strategic breakthroughs that are vital to your growth, differentiation, and success.

Together, we will go through each piece of the Business Model Canvas to create one, unified visual that represents all key aspects of your business.

Strategic Marketing

Market Intelligence

Let me ask you – when you dig into your “buyer personas” or “ideal customer profiles”, how do you fill out the information? Are you using your “experiences” and making assumptions about the motivations and decision process for your clients and customers?

Or, are you taking a more sophisticated approach of interviewing your best customers to learn more about them, in their own words?

Most marketers settle for assumptions – and that doesn’t cut it. Not if you want to be world-class.

With our market intelligence service, we work with you to identify your best clients and define exactly who they are. We have a specially designed interviewing technique to discover what and who is involved in each stage of the buying process. We discover every real motivator along the way.

As a result, your marketing will be powered by market intelligence, not assumptions. Now, the investments you make in marketing, sales, and advertising can be powered to be more effective than ever before.

Referral Systems

How can you reliably, strategically, and systematically get a stream of your best clients and customers coming to your door? Well, just add your current best clients to your sales force, of course.

And no, I don’t mean to hire them. Instead, set up an ingenious yet simple referral system. Make it a part of your business – a way of doing business – for the betterment of you, your business, and your clients.

As part of the referral system package, you receive:

  • a packet on the mindset for you and your team to ask for referrals
  • a packet on why referral systems are so vital
  • three custom-tailored referral systems you can implement in your business today
  • a spreadsheet to set your historical benchmarks with referrals as well as the ability to track new referrals generated. This will help you track the ROI (return-on-investment) after implementing the referral systems.

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