Tired of jargon-filled, fluffy presentations with no actionable advice?

Hiring David to speak will inspire and educate your team on the smart way to attack digital marketing.



About David J. Bradley, MBA

David Bradley is the CEO of Bbg, Inc., a digital strategy firm that helps companies find their customers online. As a consultant and author, Bradley works with B2B and B2C companies to strengthen existing digital efforts or transform a traditional business to incorporate digital.



In his best-selling book, Getting Digital Marketing Right, Bradley reveals his five-step process for building a digital strategy. In this book, Bradley challenges you to understand where your business is today, where it is going strategically, and how you can connect the dots to get there.



Bradley has also published more than 50 articles, been featured in a number of publications, and consistently writes on the topics of digital marketing and strategy. As a speaker, he focuses on delivering actionable insight, so the audience can begin generating more leads and cash in their business immediately from online activities. His approach to digital marketing is proactive and backed with data and intelligence at each step of the process. You’ll better understand your strategic position, ideal customers, and how the right digital activities can transform your business.

Past Speaking Engagements:

  • Inc. Magazine & Cox Business – 2015 Business Pitch Competition
  • North American Family Institute – Characteristics of a Young Entrepreneur
  • Providence College – Lecture on Leadership Styles in Decision Making
  • Rhode Island College – Self-Leadership and My Personal Journey
  • Adolescent Community Experience RI – Becoming a Leader
  • Providence College – Careers in Digital
  • Pace University – MBA Program w/France’s EDHEC Business School, Digital Marketing Trends and Challenges



Here’s what others had to say about David:

  • Advertising, Marketing, PR Association – The Three Most Common Roadblocks Of Successful Digital Transformation
  • Various Rotary Clubs – Digital Transformation for Executives & Professionals
  • Raising The Bar – Demystifying Digital Marketing
  • WordPress RI Meetup – Pre-Empting Common Roadblocks When Transitioning To Digital


David is experienced speaking to targeted groups as few as 10 and conference halls of 400; from classrooms to banquet halls. He caters his presentations to his audience based on their interests, experience levels, and the intended outcomes.

“AMP-RI, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations of Rhode Island, was fortunate to have David Bradley as a guest speaker to our organization. David gave a very comprehensive talk on how to approach digital marketing for any business strategically. His presentation detailed the steps necessary to ensure your buying process will provide the best results possible. David is an expert in this field and the content and presentation was highly relevant to our audience. The group was made up of marketing professionals, business owners, graphic designers, etc., who engaged David in a lively Q&A session.”

Joyce Pucino

President, Pucino Print Consultants, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of having David guest lecture in my graduate course in Digital Marketing. Both the students and I found the content and discussion to be highly relevant and will enable my students to improve their ability to create a best practice focused Digital Strategy. I highly recommend David as a leading edge Digital expert and speaker.”

Tony Branda

Professor of Customer Intelligence and Analytics , Pace University

Step One: Identify Why You Want To Hire David To Speak

Before you reach out, it is important for you to know precisely why you want David as a speaker:

  • For his credibility and reputation in the marketing field
  • For his talents in delivering a meaningful speech
  • For his unique approaches to digital marketing
  • For the professionalism of his presentations
  • For his experiences, stories, and anecdotes
  • For the behavior change he can be a catalyst to
  • For the improvements in marketing performance he will inspire
  • For his wide-spanning interdisciplinary and inter-industry perspective
  • For the sense of clarity, direction and purpose he can provide
  • For the trust you can have in David’s ability to satisfy and delight for your goals and your audience
  • For inspiring innovation, solving problems, discovering efficiencies, generating growth, improving profit, increasing market share, reducing turnover, boosting productivity, and heightening team morale

Ultimately, we must know the skills, behaviors, principles and approaches that your audience will apply after the presentation that result in improved and exponential business results. Explicit and strong outcomes are important to both of us.

Step Two: Start Preliminary Planning For Before, During & After The Session

While some speaking engagement are simple, singular sessions for a set time-slot, I implore you to consider how we can enhance this experience for participants prior to, during and following the session.

Before the session, we may:

  • Interview Attendees
  • Interview Clients or Customers
  • Interview Suppliers & Vendors
  • Interview Company Leadership
  • Shop the Business and/or Competition
  • Develop a Preliminary Survey
  • Customize Materials
  • Critique Event Agenda
  • Collaborate with Other Speakers

During the session, we may:

  • Host a Book Signing
  • Provide Books to Attendees
  • Form Breakout Group Sessions
  • Provide Workbook Handouts

After the session, we may:

  • Conduct Follow-Up Sessions
  • Expand to Additional Departments/Audiences
  • Provide Coaching In-Person, by Phone or Email
  • Conduct a Post-Session Survey
  • Send Follow-Up Materials
  • Share Talk Summaries

If we are going to invest in your team, let’s be sure to personalize this experience to be as meaningful as possible to them and towards your objectives.

Of course, Speaking Topic is also important. While we will customize this for your audience, example talks include:

Pre-Empting Common Roadblocks When Transitioning To Digital
How can your audience benefit from learning the most common roadblocks across three phases of developing a digital marketing strategy?

In this presentation, David will share the most common challenges companies face when seeking to transform their business into a more sophisticated digital force, before their competitors race ahead online. The audience will walk away with the key to making intelligent decisions and managing risks that derail digital efforts in most underprepared companies.

Digital Strategy for the C-Suite: Demystifying Digital Marketing
How can your audience benefit from learning the 5-step process and digital sales funnel framework used in David’ book, Getting Digital Marketing Right?

As the leader of your organization, it isn’t and shouldn’t be your job to know the intricacies and technicalities of online marketing tactics and techniques, like running a Pay-Per-Click AdWords campaign.  However, you should be able to lead and participate a digital marketing strategy.

In this presentation, David will teach this simplified process for business growth, goal attainment, and powerful marketing.  The audience will walk away with the key to making smart decisions relative to their digital marketing with a reliable and transferable method.

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
David started building websites, online communities, and his first business, a graphic design service, at 12 years old.

In his first two years of college, David worked on 23 different jobs, internships, and projects.  No, he wasn’t fired from any position, but he was eager to learn and grow.

David will share his self-leadership principles he’s learned that are vital to entrepreneurship and personal growth, including persistence, consistency, (dis)comfort, and vision.

Step Three: Consider Final Details & Reach Out

Determine Format & Location

You may consider whether the presentation will be in-person or virtually. If you require a venue, we have relationships across America with approximately 90 private meeting spaces, as well as international venues in Canada, France, Chile, Germany, London, Scotland and Spain.

Determine Length of Presentation

For example – including but not limited to:

  • 1-Hour Keynote
  • 2-Hour Workshop
  • Half-Day Seminar
  • Full-Day Training

Reach Out To Discuss

David does not accept solicitations for speaking engagements without further discussion on specifics. The above steps exist to help you prepare for that conversation, and to filter those less serious about the engagement. Complete the form below, and we will respond to you within 72 hours. If there appears to be a fit, we will schedule a call between you and David. If not, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Interested in David Speaking?

I have reviewed the above three steps and considered how I would like this experience to be