Step 2

Finding Your Ideal


With a focus on the luxury market:

“Primal will work with rising luxury brands and established luxury goods dealers to grow their businesses through the digital space.”


Sustainable Business: Regular cash flows from retainer clients, referrals, and inbound prospects.

Network: Develop relationships with a variety of consultants and partners, expanding potential for a variety of clients.  This includes connections into growing markets, such as China, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thought Leadership: Sharing high-value content specific to marketing luxury brands in an international market.  This will fuel sustainable business through generating inbound prospects.



Sustainable Business

Lead Generation: Develop a system to generate a stream of leads to begin acquiring clients.  This will allow us to offer retainers and generate referrals.



Connections: Building meaningful relationships with contacts in the luxury industry.  This includes a professor in Global Luxury Brands, a marketing director in high-end jewelry, and a liaison with the Chinese luxury markets.


Thought Leadership

Prospect Education: Developing quality content in the form of articles, books, and videos to help prospects understand the opportunity with digital marketing for luxury goods.

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