June 23rd. That was the last post I published here on my blog.

Despite consistently writing once a week for the 6 months prior, I had to abruptly stop.

So today, I’m writing to explain…

(This is also your disclaimer – this post is all about me; an update on where I’ve been and what’s been going on. I’ve loved it all, but you don’t have to care. If you don’t you can ‘x’ out. No hard feelings… :[ )

Where the hell did Dave go?

When I started blogging, I got into it knowing one thing. I HAD to be consistent.  That is was makes a blog “successful”.

Now, that usually means building a following. I didn’t have a clear reason to start my blog, I just knew that if it seemed to make sense, I had to be consistent.

Eventually, I learned that blogging helped me to connect to others, share my stories and experiences, and overall, refresh myself emotionally and spiritually.

So, I’m getting back to it once again – sort of.

This time around, I’m planning to publish once a month, minimum.  I’ll leave it open-ended as to how often, but don’t expect it any more than four times a week.  This will let me write every week without worry of polishing it up to send out.

Why don’t I have time to blog every week anymore?

Let’s spend some time catching up on what’s changed in my life since June…

Bye-bye 9-to-5 – hello risk, uncertainty, and joy

That’s right – I finally took the plunge.

I can’t say whether it was too soon or too late – it just happened. After months of struggling to make a decision (more on that in a later post), I finally decided one day that I wouldn’t stay on my job for a second year. The end of the first contract year would be enough for me.

So, what was I to do?

This wasn’t time for a career path change – to move from academia to the corporate world or to jump in the startup scene.

I am fortunate enough to say I’m in an opportune point in my life where I can do just about whatever I want. Hell, I could just take the year off and go live in Bali if I really wanted to. (Don’t worry – I put that idea to rest.)

And so, I started my business…

Primal Digital Marketing

Primal was a way for me to connect passions of mine – (personal) growth, emotional intelligence, psychology, communication, strategy, experimentation, creativity, and digital marketing.

I found a purpose in this work beyond building a business (although I do love that, despite its various ups-and-downs).  I found a unique opportunity where I could make a positive impact on others’ lives while also being fulfilled by my work in mind, spirit, and emotion. It didn’t help that I could earn a good profit as well – as long as I continue to help my clients profit.

I’m excited to get to work on all the projects ahead of me. I’m excited to help my clients succeed. I’m excited to help the business owners I work with reach their goals. I have the opportunity to help business owners grow their business to a level that they can get out of it so they can spend more time with their family and traveling. That’s what drives me.

For the long-term vision, the business will be 100% remote and should produce revenues each month for me to have a staff to take care of most of the work. I’m not looking for a 4-hour workweek, just to remove any of the work I don’t want to do so much 🙂 .

Enough on that… You’ll hear more about the trials and tribulations (and triumphs) at some point.

What else?


While the business took up most of my time through the end of the summer, something else has taken up a tremendous amount of time since September 6.

We call him Toaster. He’s a Bichon Frise puppy that I love to death but stresses me out to a near-death state.

Toaster, my Bichon Frise puppy

About 12 weeks old at the time (9-16-14)

It’s seriously like having a kid. At least I think so. No kid yet, and he’s making me want to wait longer and longer every day – but like I said, I love the little guy.

Hola, Soy Blanquito

I also had the chance to put my 12+ months of practicing Spanish to use when my girlfriend and I went to Playa del Carmen, Cancun.

It was the absolute most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Ziplining in Mexico

We swam through cenotes (underground rivers), zip-lined through the jungles, and ate more food in seven days than I did the entire month of August.

By the way, the zip-lining and Mayan sacrifice (cliff-jumping) parts of the trip were big moments for me since I’ve traditionally been scared to death of heights. (I still won’t pass out some happy pills to put me to sleep on the whole plane ride though!)

That’s it?

I guess that covers most of the big changes. I’ve been flat-out on my business (and now my puppy), so that’s taken up a lot of my time. But like I said, it’s exciting for me – and I’ve loved life the past few months.

I’m back to class to finish up my MBA, back to the gym now that the puppy is letting me sleep more than 4 hours a night, and back to writing although just once a month now.  I’m doing a lot of things I’m excited about that I don’t want to pack into this post (writing a book [or two], new morning routine, a few business ideas I’m thinking of pursuing, hiring my first intern who turned out to be a rockstar, and much more).

Tomorrow, I’m off to Atlantic City for a birthday weekend with my lovely girlfriend.

Talk soon.



P.S. Missed you, DavidJBradley.com :]